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Tips and Resources

Well child visits, routine vaccinations, recommended screenings, and follow-up care are as important during the pandemic as ever. The resources below can help you and your family find a provider and stay healthy in our current healthcare climate.



  1. Clinics are open and are seeing patients
  2. Offices are taking appropriate precautions to keep patients safe during visits
  3. Telehealth appointments are becoming more available and are a good way to access healthcare if you cannot leave your home
  4. If you do not have a primary provider, find one
  5. It is very important to get your influenza vaccine every year
  6. If you take medications, get refills and keep a month’s supply at home if possible
  7. Keep regular dental appointments. If you feel anxious about visiting them, call the practice to see what precautions they have in place

For Teens

  1. Older kids and teens should be seen yearly to screen for physical and mental health concerns
  2. Pediatric providers are equipped to address mental health concerns and can provide referrals to appropriate services
  3. Teens should get their yearly influenza vaccine and other routine vaccinations
  4. Sports physicals may still be required. Check with your teen’s sport team
  5. If your teen is capable, they can attend appointments without a parent to help distancing at the clinic

For Kids

  1. The AAP recommends keeping up with all well visits during the pandemic
  2. Routine vaccinations are important for your child’s health and well-being
  3. Try to have only one guardian attend the appointment with the child
  4. Appointments are a great time to ask questions about your child’s health and development

For Infants and Toddlers

  1. Infants and toddlers should be seen more frequently for well child visits. You can see the AAP recommendations for well child visits here
  2. Infants can and should get the influenza vaccine when they are at least 6 months old
  3. For sick visits, depending on symptoms, your child may need to be seen in person for an adequate assessment



Frequently Asked Questions: Keeping Appointments

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Where can I find information about what vaccines my children need?


The CDC has published vaccine schedules here. Your pediatrician will also know your child’s vaccination status and if he/she needs any additional vaccinations.

faq down arrow faq up arrow Clinic Visits

Do I have to schedule an in-person appointment for my doctor visit?


Many clinics have telemedicine options available if you feel more comfortable with an online visit.


What precautions are clinics taking to keep me and my loved ones safe?


Clinics are having as many telemedicine visits as they can and are taking standard global precautions including masks, social distancing, and proper decontamination practices. Many clinics and emergency rooms are also separating respiratory cases from other patient visitors.

faq down arrow faq up arrow Mental Health

Who should I see if I'm concerned about my child's mental health?


Pediatric providers are equipped to help address your child’s mental health and can serve as a resource for further mental health resources.

faq down arrow faq up arrow Pharmacies

Do I have to go into a pharmacy to fill my prescriptions?


Many pharmacies offer drive-through services to limit your interactions. There are also online services that can deliver your medications to your home.

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