COVID-19 Info and Support


Utah Government's website with links to updates and resources regarding the current pandemic.
COVID-19 info line
A free hotline from that provides COVID-19 information.
University of Utah COVID-19 hotline
Provides up-to-date information on COVID-19 and answers any questions regarding the virus
Digital tool to help people get important information about COVID-19, assess their health symptoms for COVID-19 risk, and navigate to the most appropriate care setting.
A map showing locations where COVID-19 testing is available in Utah. Testing requirements and availability can vary by location.
WHO’s website for resources and information about COVID-19, includes links to all past press conference video feeds.
CDC’s website for resources and information about COVID-19.
HealthyTogether App (free)
Utah specific app helps assess symptoms, find the nearest testing center, view test results, and learn what to do after you've been tested for COVID-19.

Frequently Asked Questions

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When should I pursue getting tested for COVID-19?


If you are worried about being exposed to or having COVD-19, please utilize the hotlines and/or telemedicine with your primary care provider to determine whether or not you should pursue getting tested. If it is determined you need a test, you will be directed to the most appropriate source of testing whether it be a drive-through test site or through your primary care provider.


Should I get tested if I have been exposed but have no symptoms?


Please confer with your primary care provider or the COVID-19 hotline regarding specifics on exposure to determine what needs to be done moving forward.

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I am worried that I will expose my child by taking him/her to the doctor? Is it worth going in for just a well child visit?


While social distancing should be consistently considered, healthcare provider offices are reliably following standard guidelines to ensure the safety of their patients, and well-child visits are very important for a child’s health and safety. The AAP strongly recommends continuing these visits throughout the pandemic However, if you or your child is feeling sick on the day of the visit, make sure to notify your doctor’s office, so that they can take necessary precautions or redirect you to a more appropriate form of healthcare.

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