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Tips and Resources

Many parents are being asked to work from home during the pandemic. Balancing work and home life can be challenging, especially with shifts in child care and remote learning. Explore further for tips and resources to help you maintain boundaries and brave your new work environment.



  1. Let go of the notion that you can manage your increased workload perfectly. Learn self compassion
  2. Talk with your kids about your work and what you expect from them when you’re working
  3. Communicate clearly with managers/supervisors about expectations when working from home
  4. Try to stick to a regular schedule. Put work away at the end of a shift or work day
  5. If you have the space, consider setting up a home office with products to maximize working at home
  6. Set up a schedule for child care while you work from home. Remember that many daycares are still open
  7. Ask family or friends you trust to help with child care
  8. Work at the same time your children are in school so everyone is on the same schedule
  9. Rather than supervise your kids the entire time they are learning remotely, pick specific intervals to check in
  10. Set productivity goals for yourself, either on a daily or weekly basis
  11. Many internet companies have new programs to upgrade to wifi for minimal costs while everyone is working from home
  12. If you are unemployed, visit the Utah Department of Workforce Services for COVID-19 specific resources, including unemployment insurance and child care



Frequently Asked Questions: Navigating Changes at Work

faq down arrow faq up arrow Child Care

Are there any affordable child care options that I can use when I have to work from home but have really young kids?


Click here to explore child care options near you.

faq down arrow faq up arrow Internet Connection

Is there any way to affordably upgrade my internet so that I can effectively work from home?


Click here to see if your internet provider has any ongoing upgrade programs.

faq down arrow faq up arrow Expectations at Work

I’m worried that my boss may not be understanding of me working from home while my kids are there too. What should I do?


In most cases, it will be best to be upfront with your employer / supervisor. Share that you have an additional burden of caring for kids that are at home due to school or daycare closures, and stress that you expect to remain a committed and productive member of your team and that you will continue close communication.

faq down arrow faq up arrow Office Space

I don’t have any space in my home for a dedicated office. Where should I work, especially if my kids are home doing school?


Get creative. A home “office” can be as simple as a dedicated desk or spot at a table. Add lighting, make it yours, and keep it clean. Check out this blog by for more tips.

faq down arrow faq up arrow Unemployment

I have lost my job due to the pandemic. Are there programs available to help my family financially, or to help me find employment?


Many programs have been created to provide relief, both from non-profit organizations and from direct government programs. Call 2-1-1 or visit for more assistance. You can also visit the US Department of Labor.

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